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    This thread has made me listen to Cheshire Cat again. I always did like the album but I've only just realised how damn good the album actually is. So many great songs. Carousel is a live staple. M+M's has a great riff and is just a great song in general. Touchdown Boy is so good. My personal favourite is Toast & Bananas. Cacaphony sounds like their first ever experimental song. Peggy Sue and Wasting Time are classics. Sometimes is probably the most punk blink song there is. Blink really were great songwriters from the very beginning IMO. Such a shame 21 Days isn't part of this album.
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    yup. that CD was in san diego record stores as an import in the summer of 1996. i believe the australian release was during their spring tour earlier that year.
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    Pop Disaster tour announcement from this day in 2002... super awkward when Carson Daly brings up BCR at ~4:13, I actually feel bad for Mark here.
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    Skiba’s acoustic part really sells this song for me. It's the part I look forward to hearing when it comes on. I would love more of Skiba’s sing-song voice.
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    2 of my songs are competing in eurovision in iceland, fighting for a spot in the big finale in Rotterdam.
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    Yo! I decided to launch a blink-182 podcast and have been working hard the past few weeks to figure out how the hell to do it. The name I came up with is "182 News" and I hope it will be a great source of blink-182 and related side band news for the community. I bounced around making it based on the board, but for various reasons (namely you can't use the word "blink-182" in the title, and the equipment cost me a lot of money) ultimately felt I needed the freedom to do my own thing, on my own schedule. But, I am totally pointing all traffic here, to our social media, and also hope to have board members on, feature board discussions etc.!!!! Anyway, I just finished my first episode and am so stoked. I've submitted for iTunes/Spotify approval (which can take weeks), but wanted to post a direct link incase anyone wants to listen. I'm going to keep this thread as a running episode tracker, and point people here for discussions, questions, recommendations, feedback, etc. Appreciate anyone checking it out, hopefully this link works (below cover art): Episode 1 - "The First Time" Buzzsprout Link Spotify Link YouTube Link Episode 2 - "The Mark, Matt, and Travis Show" Spotify Apple Podcasts YouTube
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    I think CALI DLX is better that Cali
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    I'm not interested in demo and live stuff but in every new studio track! There are some cool songs on Cali deluxe. For example 6/8.
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    i can't diss "depends." it was a live staple and crowd favorite. i'll also defend "ben wah balls" to the death, since i sang it on stage with the band more than once. i mean it's easy; "just about done" is the throwaway on CC.
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    Yeah, they did claim that it was pretty much a new album and that they took advantage of a loophole when it came to being unable to release a new album. Imagine if that was actually under a different name though? Would've been one of the worst pop punk albums I've heard. I only like about 3 songs from the Deluxe.
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    you money obsessed Hong Kong bots, I'll paypal you 5 dollars everytime you vote for everyone's favorite song (either Wasting Time or Carousel I guess?) so we'll get our revenge against them for kicking Strings out so soon
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    I think they only called it "California Deluxe" because they weren't technically allowed to release a new album yet, I don't know if they're in the same type of place right now where they're already ready to dive into making an entirely new album to call Nine Deluxe. If they have demos and b-sides laying around I'm all for it! But if they are going to make a new album, hopefully it'll just have a new name/concept/etc.
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    I definitely agree with you, it sounds like Crimson era Trio.
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    they need to get inspired or just end it I say. treading water as it is.
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    i kind of got into a fight with a friend who said it was "perfect". I really liked it, but it is not objectively perfect.
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    Great job @Ry-Bread! I really enjoyed listening and I think you have a perfect podcast voice to listen to. Keep it going, I will follow up for sure.
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    Yeah I listened to album for the first time in years yesterday, forgot how much I dislike the recorded version of carousel.
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    Thank god strings is out. im seriously struggling here. Was originally gonna go cacophony but then I listened to it and then last part is just too good so I can’t. i guess I’ll vote depends.
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    Well, thank you for making me listen to the full Cheshire Cat for the first time, usually listen to buddha. Im gonna have to go with depends. Its a good song but not good enough.
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    15th place, surprisingly, goes to STTRRRRIIIIII IIINNG A INNG STRINGS! Here are the songs from Cheshire Cat: Carousel M+M's Fentoozler Touchdown Boy Peggy Sue Sometimes Does My Breath Smell? Cacophony TV Toast and Bananas Wasting Time Romeo and Rebecca Ben Wah Balls Depends DEPENDS
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    Oops, Davey's sock account has been revealed.
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    I really wish they would have continued the They Came to Conquer Uranus sound for at least an album. It's gotta be my favorite version of Blink.
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    Is that supposed to be sung to the Pet Semetery melody?
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    and i thought i was obsessive. i just want to be buried with mark's mom's lasagna.
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    Black rain should’ve just been Matt.
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    oh boy I need a glass of water I just can’t contain my excitement
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    What does he bring to the band? Seriously. His lyrics are awful, voice is meh, worse guitar player than Tom? No fucking riffs. A complete yes man who's only in it for the cash. Id swap him for Taylor Swift. He's absolute wank.
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    Kiss and Tell is still so fucking good
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    how tf do people even notice this
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    Dumpweed is the best opening song on any blink album, that riff just fucking smashes it so hard.
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    I finally saw Knives Out the other day and I loved it. Great movie.
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    No, the white album is superior to Pinkerton.
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    His entire existence is a meltdown at this point
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    He changed the melody of the entire chorus. Sounds like he’s rambling on in conversation to someone haha. Not a fan.
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    If tom would lose weight, would you too?
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    if that happens I'll lose all respect for Matt.
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    I don't blame Tom for not wanting to make the kind of music that blink is currently making...
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    Log off you fucking non entity.
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    Don't really care if he's a good performer if he's not contributing to or making the music he's performing better.
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